School Uniform

LKG – X Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Sky blue, light blue frock and black buckled shoes. White socks with blue stripes.
Sky blue pants / shorts,
Light blue shirt.
Black shoes.
White socks with blue stripes.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Brown and purple frock.
Black buckled shoes.
White socks with brown stripes.
Purple shirt, brown pants / shorts black shoes. White socks with brown stripes
XI – XII Purple shirt, brown pants and brown overcoat, black shoes, white socks on all days
  • School belt and ID cards are part of school uniform. During monsoon VKC black sandals are allowed . Vests for boys and slips and tights are mandatory. Blue and Black hair bands / bush can be used along with uniforms. Long hair for boys is not encouraged.
  • It is compulsory for the students to wear the prescribed uniform in the patternspermitted . No religious signs Viz -head scarf, purdha, wrist rosaries, caps, sacred threads etc are not permitted in the school campus along with school uniform.
  • Gold or artificial ornaments, fancy hairdos, clips, net/gel coloured hair, fancy foot wear etc. are not allowed in the school . The uniform must be neat and tidy.